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Cards of Wisdom

Looking for insight? At Cards of Wisdom you will find a variety of oracle cards, including a number of special chakra cards.

For centuries, oracle cards have been used in many cultures and beliefs. The cards offer support, new insights and can improve meditations.

Chakra Energy Level Cards

Chakra Energy Levels

Cards of Wisdom

Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body. They have the loving responsibility of keeping us functioning at optimal levels. The Cards of Wisdom Chakra Energy Level Cards provide insight into the current state of your chakras.

Quote Wisdom Cards

Quote Wisdom

Cards of Wisdom

The Quote Wisdom Cards give you an answer to your questions with the help of quotes from wise (historical) persons.

Shi Cards

是 Shi

Cards of Wisdom

Shi is the Chinese word for Yes, and that's what these cards do; they provide answers to questions that can be answered with Yes, although the answer from the Shi Card may be something else.